The Post-war era from 2009 opened up a number of channels for development activities in the Northern region. These development activities are not well regularized and lack of giving due consideration for a safer future for all living and non-living beings.

The JUICe  conference is aimed to be a thought provoking conference for its stakeholders and participants. It brings together leading academics and researchers to involve in scholarly discussion towards constructing a safer future for the region.

The JUICe  conference consists of six main tracks namely,

  • Agriculture and Food Sciences
  • Humanities and Social Sciences and law
  • Engineering and Technology
  • Management studies, Commerce and Entrepreneurship
  • Health and Medical Sciences
  • Pure and Applied Sciences

The above main tracks are formed to provide an interdisciplinary platform for researchers, practitioners and educators to present and discuss the most recent innovations, trends and concerns as well as practical challenges encountered and solutions adopted in their respective fields in establishing a safer future.

Agriculture and Food Sciences

Agricultural sector is well known for its hard working labour, the fertile lands and the abundance of produce. It is widely observed that the recent development activities have introduced a number of newer technological applications in the food production and it is the correct time to propose safer, nutritious food production methods and innovative packaging techniques for preservation. The agriculture and food sciences track of JUICe looks forward to explore these aspects. The Agriculture & Food Sciences track invites papers in the fields of Agronomy, Animal Science, Food science, Nutrition and Soil sciences.

Humanities, Social Sciences and law

The long prevailed war like environment has stamped its impact on each individual in the region. The development activities that take place in the region should prioritize the welfare and the concerns of the citizens in this region. The humanities, social sciences and law track looks forward for proposals and research results for innovative potential of human capital towards a safer future. The humanities, social sciences and law track looks forward for submission of papers in the fields of Political science, Psychology, Sociology, education, Geography, History, Archeology, Language, Religion & Culture, Law, Fine arts, Media studies, Performing Arts and economics.

Engineering and Technology

Engineering and Technology has a vital role to play in the development activities. The application of engineering and technological methodologies for environment and friendly development activities is essential to sustain the safer environment for future. The engineering and technology track looks forward for exploring the proposals, applications and research results for establishing a safer future. This track invites papers in the fields of ICT, Civil & Environmental Engineering, Computer Engineering, Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Mechanical manufacturing & process Engineering, Construction Technology, Electro Technology, Automobile Technology, Food production Technology & Commercial green farming Technology.

Management studies, Commerce , Entrepreneurship, Hospitality & Tourism

Managing development activities from various aspects such as human and finance in an efficient manner is essential to reduce the usage and wastage of resources. The management studies, commerce and entrepreneurship track looks forward proposals and research findings for the efficient management of development activities in the region for a safer future. The Management studies, Commerce and Entrepreneurship track invites papers in the fields of Human Resource Management, Marketing Management, Accounting & Finance, Entrepreneurship and Hospitality & Tourism Management.

Health and Medical Science 

Health and medical science is going through a transformation state, where advanced facilities, improvement in good governance, incorporating the best skills from allied health sciences and a place for appropriate siddha medicine and sports science are yet to be established. The JUICe2018 conference is looking forward to explore these aspects. Health and Medical Science track looks forward for submission of papers in the fields of Medicine, Allied Health Sciences, Siddha Medicine and Sports Science.

Pure and Applied Sciences

When the existing technology allows the applications of pure sciences to become its reality, the pure sciences amalgamate with applied sciences. Several ongoing research reflect the necessity of fusing the pure and applied fields effectively for novel findings. The Pure and applied sciences track invites papers on advances in natural sciences including fundamental and applied research in the fields of Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Material Science, Mathematics, Statistic, Earth sciences, Computer sciences, Fisheries sciences, Aqua culture, Biomedical and Environmental sciences under the main theme of “towards a safer future”.